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+1 434-429-7253

9632 Horseshoe Road, Danville, VA 24541
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  • Don
    Nov, 29 2018
    ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    Do not call this guy. What little work he did a small child could have done. He did a cover up not a repair on my fender well. The wood was that was used was scraps and stained. It was a very poor job. Also I made the mistake of paying for materials I never saw. I also paid him for the work that day. The day he did show up I had to call him and he said he was 30 min out. He lives 30 min from me according to the location given. I then had to keep calling him and he told me several days he would show up at a certain time but did not. This was over the month of March. Finally he said he was coming on Wednesday and at almost 5 pm I called him and he was, you guessed it 30 min out. I told I was through with his "business" and just to bring me the materials I paid for. He started arguing with me and said, "This is not how this works I've got money in materials in this job" I stopped him right there and said Whoa you do not have a dime in materials and I want them. Then he said that this sucks and I told him he should have shown up to perform the work. There was only 2 days of bad weather then and inside work could have been done on my camper. Ii will also be pressing fraud charges and theft. Please do not call him to work on your camper. I had to repair the fenderwell myself the correct way. I also hate I had to give one star in order to post this. 0 stars .
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